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Data Science Summit 2021 on 3 December at PGE Narodowe and online

The leading data conference in Poland
Organizers: Academic Partners Foundation

About DSS

Data Science Summit is the largest, independent data science conference in the CEE Region. The conference is additionally accompanied by the Data Science Expo – a part with stands of data science technology / solution providers and currently recruiting employers.

High quality content

  • 15 parallel thematic tracks

  • The best speakers from various backgrounds and industries: from business practitioners, technology and solution providers to researchers.

  • 30-minute speeches available in the VoD system 7 days before the event + the Main Stage and Q&A sessions live on the day of the conference

  • Access to recordings of all speeches, including the Main Stage and Q&A sessions for 3 months after the event

Różne profile

Content for people with different professional profiles

  • Analysts, data scientists

  • Programmers

  • Architects, Sys/DevOps

  • Managers, Executives

  • Everyone interested in DS

and knowledge sharing

  • Everyone worth meeting in one place

  • Live discussion panels and Q&A sessions on the day of the conference

  • Lightning talks during preparty (stationary in Warsaw)

  • The largest data science service and job fair in Poland

  • Stationary pre and afterparty with great drinks ;)

Dodatkowe atrakcje

Comfort of participation and extra attractions

  • Participation fully online through a dedicated event platform

  • Access to the lectures divided into 15 tracks (!) one week before the conference

  • Affordable ticket price

  • Contests with attractive prizes

What others say

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„Large scale event, which should be an important point in the calendar of all data-related people, regardless of the level - from executives to specialists“

Dawid Osiecki
Senior Manager in Technology Consulting Products, BI / Analytics and Big Data Practice Lead, Accenture

„DSS is a great opportunity to broaden your skills (both – theoretical and practical) and extend your contacts network.“

Tomasz Mostowski
Senior Manager, Technology Consulting Products BI, Analytics and Big Data Practice Lead, Accenture

„An extremely rare opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas on advanced analytical problems, both from the methodological and implementation side.“

Marcin Kosiński
Statistician, Gradient Metrics

„A lot of cool networking, a giftbag with a t-shirt and contests with valuable prizes :)“

White-Headed Data Scientist
2nd life, this time as Data Science Ninja

„We've built the agenda that should be interesting for everyone dealing with the data area - from processing, through analysis and machine learning, to visualization.“

Dominik Batorski
Assistant Professor at the ICM UW, Founder and Chief Scientist in Sotrender

„DSS is one of the few events that combine scientific and business environments in its program.“

dr hab. inż. Maciej Grzenda
Vice-Dean, Faculty of MiNI PW

„No matter if You work in R, Python or 4GL, at DSS you will be able to talk about those technologies and also listen about those, which you don’t know yet.“

Rafał Malanij
Pydata Community Leader / Head of Poland Office, Container Solutions

Areas covered

  • Machine Learning, Data Mining & Exploration in areas:
    • Natural Language Processing / Text mining
    • Computer Vision
    • Anomaly detection / Predictive maintenance
    • IoT, sensory data, quantified self
    • Time series / stream data / on-line learning
    • Spatial analysis / maps / geomarketing
    • Predictive and prescriptive analytics
    • Recommendation systems
    • Segmentation
    • Network analysis
    • Blockchain analytics
    • Survival Analysis
    • Market research / surveys
    • Risk management
    • Pricing
  • Analysis / Statistics in informatics
  • Visualization / Business Intelligence / Reporting, Dashboards, ...
  • Data warehouses (generic, in-memory) / Data integration, Databases
  • Big Data, Real Time Data Processing
  • Programming in the data area (including R, Python)
  • Cloud: Azure, AWS, Google Cloud...
  • Trends and innovations

Speakers 2020

At the event, as always, you can meet and listen to the best speakers from Poland and abroad. See who will perform on DSS20:

Agenda 2020



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Program Council 2021

Dominik BatorskiData Science Warsaw
Rafał MalanijPyData
Tomasz MostowskiAccenture
Dawid OsieckiAccenture
Dominik PerykaszaAccenture
Bartosz PacuszkaAccenture
Mariusz ChmielewskiThe National Cybersecurity Center (NCSC)
Maciej KorzeniowskiCapgemini
Marcin ŁapińskiNestlé
Adrian KapczyńskiThe Polish Information Processing Society
Maciej RemiszewskiFreelance Consultant
Michał BijataAcademic Partners Foundation
Anna FeliksbrotAcademic Partners Foundation
Mikołaj WolanAcademic Partners Foundation

Sponsors 2020

Partners 2020

Meet the Partners and Exhibitors at Data Science Expo 2020:


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