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online 23.11.2023, online onsite 24.11.2023, PGE Narodowy (Warszawa)

Data Science Summit

About Data Science Summit

The origins of the Data Science Summit date back to 2014, when the first Data Science Warsaw community meeting was held. It was the popularity of these periodic meetups that contributed to the the decision to organize the first edition of the conference, and its success to subsequent editions. Currently, DSS is the largest event dedicated to the Data Science area in Poland.

Events organized under the initiative

DSSML is a special edition of the Data Science Summit with a theme fully dedicated to the Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning area. The first edition of the event was attended by more than 1,000 professionals, managers, as well as people interested in this topic. The accompanying event, as with DSS, is an industry Expo.

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DSS is the largest independent data science conference in the Central and Eastern European region, i.e. concerning data analysis, processing and visualization in the broadest sense. It has been held annually since 2017, attracting an average of 2,000 participants at each edition. The accompanying event is an Expo with stands from DS technology and solution providers and current recruiting employers.

DSW is the largest data science community in Poland, based in Warsaw, Poland. It is an informal non-profit organization working to exchange ideas and knowledge about data science, data engineering and so-called artificial intelligence. The purpose of its existence is to discuss tools, technology and business opportunities related to collecting, processing and visualization of data, as well as machine learning and deep learning.

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Focus areas of the conference

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Where will the event be held?


of the event (conference, workshops, Data Science Expo) will take place in the heart of Warsaw: inPGE Narodowy Conference Center, Ks. Józefa Poniatowskiego 1 Av. (entrance / entry through gate No. 1 from Zieleniecka Av., public underground parking available for a fee)

What does the event consist of?


  • Thursday, 21st of November 2023
  • speeches broadcast live
  • discussions and Q&A sessions with the speakers (in chat)
  • access to VoD, which you can watch for 3 months


  • Friday, 22nd of November 2023
  • 9 tracks and a concrete, 35-minute form of speeches,
  • round tables after speeches and discussions with speakers,
  • networking, relaxation and VIP areas

Data Science Expo

  • leading employers and IT / data science service providers available online (23.11) and in person (24.11)
  • meetings (online and onsite) with exhibitors, the date and topic of which you arrange in advance
  • Career options, as well as service/product options from the conference theme area


  • for sending recommendations of the event to friends: Google Home Hub and Xiaomi Mi Band
  • for uploading a resume: drone and Google Home Hub
  • For visiting the booths of the 3 Data Science Expo exhibitions
    - Online: Google Home Hub and Xiaomi Mi Band,
    -Onsite: drone, Google Home Hub and Xiaomi Mi Band


  • Friday, 22nd of November, 2023
  • venue will be announced closer to the date of the event
  • * an evening meeting for Speakers, Event Partners and participants in selected packages.

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Od blisko 11 lat jesteśmy nie tylko organizatorem, ale również inicjatorem wielu znaczących wydarzeń skierowanych do profesjonalistów i studentów z branży IT / data science. Poza Data Science Summit w naszym portfolio znajdziecie: Warszawskie Dni Informatyki, The Hack Summit, Ya!vaConf, Targi Pracy IT oraz wiele meetupów. Pomagamy również organizować konferencje IT i data science firmom / organizacjom zainteresowanym tego typu działaniami. W przypadku, pytań zapraszamy do kontaktu .

Data Science Warsaw is the largest community of data scientists in Poland, based in Warsaw. We are a non-profit professional organisation dedicated to the free and open dissemination of data science, data engineering, and artificial intelligence. Our goal is to discuss tools, technologies and business opportunities related to the areas of data gathering, processing, visualization, as well as machine learning and deep learning.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Information Sciences of Warsaw University of Technology can be proud of its high scientific standing (category A) and high level of education (distinction in the field of Mathematics and positive assessment in the field of Computer Science by the State Accreditation Committee), involvement of research and teaching staff in publication activities and carrying out large IT projects, including projects completed with implementation.